Date and Time field shows data in unexpected timezone when connecting to Salesforce CDP.

Published: 17 Feb 2023
Last Modified Date: 20 Feb 2023


When connecting to Salesforce CDP the date and time field shows data in unexpected timezone.
For example if your OS timezone is set to JST (Japan Standard Time, GMT+9), the date and time filed will show data in GMT+18.

This issue happens when:
  • Connecting to Salesforce CDP from Tableau desktop and using driver Salesforce-CDP-jdbc-1.17.0.jar.
  • Connect to Salesforce CDP from Tableau Cloud.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Salesforce CDP


For Tableau Desktop user:
  Please use driver Salesforce-CDP-jdbc-1.16.0.jar instead.
  Driver could be downloaded from

For Tableau Cloud user:
  Use a calculation with the DATEADD() function to account for the time zone offset.
  For example. to convert GMT+18 back to JST (Japan Standard Time), using the following formula:

  • DATEADD('hour', -9, [Date and time fields])


This issue is under investigation by the development team.
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