Data Sources Missing from Tableau Bridge and "_1" Appended to the Computer Name

Published: 23 Apr 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Sep 2020


When accessing Tableau Bridge, all data sources are missing and "_1" is appended to the computer name. 


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Bridge 


To resolve the issue, unlink Tableau Bridge, remove the affected Bridge client, and relink the client. 

Note: The below steps will clear all saved logins for Tableau Bridge, and remove all data sources from Tableau Bridge. After the steps have been completed, users will be prompted to reenter their credentials when opening Tableau Bridge the first time, and all data sources will need to be re-added to Tableau Bridge.

  1. Unlink Tableau Bridge:

    1. Locate Tableau Bridge in the system tray (or open it through Tableau Desktop if using Bridge client version 2018.1 or earlier).
    2. If Tableau Bridge is in Service mode, change Tableau Bridge to Application mode.
    3. Right click the Tableau Bridge icon in the system tray.
    4. Choose Unlink.
    5. Right click the Tableau Bridge icon in the system tray again.
    6. Choose Exit to completely close Tableau Bridge.
  2. Delete the Bridge Client on Tableau Online:

    1. Log into Tableau Online through a web browser as a Site Administrator.
    2. Click on the Settings page, and navigate to the Bridge tab.
    3. Scroll down to the list of clients, and Delete the Bridge client with the _1 appended to the name of the client.
  3. Open Tableau Bridge and add the data sources back into Bridge:

    1. Log into Tableau Online via a web browser as the user who is also signed into the Bridge client.
    2. Click Explore > All Data Sources
    3. Click the name of a data source to be refreshed using Tableau Bridge
    4. Click the Extract Refresh tab, and re-create the original schedule that the data source had if you are using Legacy Schedules. See Setup a Bridge Refresh Schedule (Legacy) for more information. Ensure to select the correct Bridge machine name when re-creating the schedule.
    5. Repeat the above steps for all data sources you would like to refresh in Tableau Bridge. 
Note: You will only have to re-assign any data sources that used Legacy Schedules, as Recommended Schedules should not be affected by this issue. They will use the available clients that are a part of the Bridge pool.


Either multiple users opened Tableau Bridge on the same computer using different accounts, or multiple users logged into Tableau Desktop on the computer running Tableau Bridge.

Additional Information

Note: If the original client (without _1 in the name) is still showing as disconnected from the site, login using the original local admin account that installed the client on the computer running Tableau Bridge, open Tableau Bridge, and sign in using the original Tableau Online account that was used to link the client to Tableau Online. 
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