Data Policy Is Not Applied When Extracting a Data Source That Connects to a Virtual Connection

Published: 12 Jan 2024
Last Modified Date: 13 Jan 2024


With introduction of Virtual Connections, we can create extracts at the Virtual Connection level, not only at the data source or workbook level. The data policy can only be applied to extracts created at the virtual connection level. If a data source (published or embedded) that connects to the Virtual Connection is extracted, the data policy will act as a one-time static filter on the extract data.

The following message will display during extract creation:

Extract will contain user-filtered data


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Virtual Connections
  • Data Policy
  • Extracts


Change the data source from an extract to a live connection to ensure the data policy is applied at the Virtual Connection.


If the data source is extracted, then it won't connect to the virtual connection except when refreshing the extract, thus breaking the data policy.
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