Data points gets Aggregated by Year instead of Month in Tableau Cloud view on Mobile (iOS)

Published: 06 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


After publishing a view that contains Monthly aggregation to Tableau Cloud and viewing it with iOS (App or Safari browser), the view shows data with a yearly aggregation. 

Please note that this issue does not occur on the following products
  • Tableau Server
  • desktop browser of Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Mobile Android app

Additionally, your view contains a month-year calculation on the X-axis, the formula would be similar to:  date(STR([Month No.])+"/01/"+STR([Year]))


  • Tableau Mobile 2019.3.0
  • iOS & MacOS


Change the formula so that the MM (month) field is not hardcoded:
  1. Right click the calculated field that contains the formula described in the above section and duplicate it.
  2. Once duplicated, name the new calculated field  "YM" for example.
  3. Edit "YM" to change the calculated field to: MAKEDATE([Year], [Month No.], 1)
  4. Duplicate the worksheet and rename the new worksheet
  5. In this new worksheet, remove the old calculated field from Columns, and replace it with the new calculated field "Month(YM)"
  6. Right click on the column of "Month(YM)", and choose "Custom"
  7. Choose Months as details, and click on Date Value, then click OK
  8. Publish the workbook again to Tableau Cloud site to verify result.


The original calculated field is built in a format similar to MM/01/YYYY,  which can work for a US locale because it usually treats the date as MM/DD/YYYY. However, if it follows a different locale such as DD/MM/YYYY, it will instead be treated as only January (DD/01/YYYY), causing the aggregation to only regard it as January and shows you a lot less details (with no data from other months).
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