Data Orientation Pane is Open by Default and Unexpectedly Shows in Embedded Views

Published: 02 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 02 Nov 2022


When Guest access is enabled on a Tableau Server with Core licensing, the Data Orientation pane is available for embedded users, including the Guest user.


  • Tableau Server version 2022.3 
  • Core licensing
  • Guest access enabled
  • Embedded views


The ability to fully disable Data Pane access for a subset of users is not currently built into Tableau Server.  As a workaround for this issue, use the following commands to disable the feature and remove the Data Pane from all views, including embedded views.

Note that this will disable Data Guide access for all users on the server:

tsm configuration set -k features.DataOrientationAllowShowByDefault -v false
tsm pending-changes apply


This is a known issue, with ID 1474725, and will be resolved in a future release of Tableau Server. Review or subscribe to the Known Issues page for updates. 

Additional Information

In a future major release of Tableau Server, the provided feature flag will be removed, and options provided to manage granular access to the Data Orientation pane on views for all users, including Guest. Watch this article for updates.
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