Data missing from extract, but from not live connection

Published: 16 Jun 2015
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2019


When using an extract some or all of the data may be missing missing.  However, all data shows after switching to a live connection.


Tableau Desktop


Follow these steps to remove all data source filters.
  1. Navigate to Data > {Data Source Name} > Extract Data
  2. In the Filters box, select each filter and click Remove
  3. Under Number of Rows, ensure that All Rows is selected
  4. Click Extract


By default, Tableau Desktop will include any data source filters when creating an extract.

Additional Information

Any filters created in the Extract Data dialog will not appear in the count of filters on the data connection page.

To completely delete an extract, delete the file from within the workbook:

  1. Navigate to Data > {Data Source Name} > Extract > Remove
  2. Select Remove the extract and delete the extract file.
  3. Click OK

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