Dashboard Blank in Maximized Browser Window

Published: 19 Oct 2018
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


A dashboard with an "automatic" layout size, nested layout containers and subtotals displays as blank in a maximized browser window. 


Tableau Server 2018.3.0


Option 1: 

Upgrade to Tableau Server 2018.3.1 or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Server, and Tableau Server Downloads and Release Notes.

Option 2: Use one of the following workarounds  

  • Reduce the window size of the browser
  • Reduce the resolution of display, for example to 800*600
  • Reduce the number of marks in the crosstab
  • When appropriate: in the dashboard's horizontal container, right click and select Distribute Evenly


This behavior is related to known issue ID 836626 and was resolved in the 2018.3.1 release of Tableau Server, and all more recent versions.


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