Error "One or more of the map images from the server were blank" Connecting to Custom WMS for Background Maps

Published: 22 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 10 Jun 2016


You are able to connect to a custom WMS server, but background map appears grainy, and by default the map is zoomed out to where the US is hardly visible. You may also see the following Tableau Desktop warning message:

One or more of the map images from the server were blank. Your data may be outside the region or zoom range available from the WMS server.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Custom WMS server for background maps


    The following steps may help resolve the issue:

    • Make sure the data in the view corresponds to the map data.
    • Confirm that the WMS service is not missing map tiles for the data in the view.


    The error message indicates that the data from the WMS provider does not match the data within the view.

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