Custom Format of Axis Does Not Work as Expected After Publishing Workbook to Tableau Cloud 2022.2.0

Published: 27 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 21 Nov 2022


After publishing a workbook to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server v2022.2, the custom format on a major axis does not work as expected.

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  • Tableau Cloud 2022.2
  • Tableau Server 2022.2


Option 1

This is already fixed on Tableau Cloud. For Tableau Server, upgrade to Tableau Server 2022.3 or later.

Option 2

Use Server rendering as a workaround.

Type "?:render=false" at the end of the view's URL.
For example: http://localhost/views/Supplies/MyView?:render=false

Option 3

Adjusting the custom format to include * fronting it.

For example: *##,#0,,;*-##,#0,,

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This is a known issue that is fixed in more recent version of Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud.
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