Custom Font Renders Inconsistently on Tableau Server

Published: 31 Jul 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


After publishing a workbook to Tableau Server, custom fonts render correctly in some elements of the workbook but not in others. Custom font is correctly installed on the client machine and Tableau Server machine.


  • Tableau Server
  • Custom (non-standard) font installed on Tableau Server and client machines
  • Windows


One possible workaround is to try server-side rendering. To test this, load the affected view with the URL parameter ?:render=false, e.g.:


If this test succeeds and you would like to disable client-side rendering going forward, there are two options:
  1. You may create and distribute a bookmark to the view that includes the ?:render=false parameter.
  2. You may disable client-side rendering in the tsm configuration settings via the following command:
tsm configuration set -k vizqlserver.browser.render -v false

For more information on how to use tsm option set, see tsm configuration set Options.


Browser rendering of custom fonts can be a complex issue. Even when the font is installed properly on both the server and client, different browsers handle fonts differently, and if the browser doesn't know how to handle the custom font, it may choose to use a fallback or default font like Arial. Additionally, if the custom font isn't installed on the machine being used to view the published workbook, the font will fail to render.

Sometimes, static text (like a title or a text box) is rendered by the browser or client even when server-side rendering is forced. Essentially, these are all elements that do not utilize Tableau Server's VizQL to render and thus is handled strictly by the browser or client machine.
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