Custom Color Palette Not Populating as Expected

Published: 06 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 06 Jan 2020


Added custom color palette in Preferences.tps does not populate in Tableau Desktop as expected.


Tableau Desktop


Please verify that the Preferences.tps file
  1. Is formatted correctly
  2. Does not contain typos
  3. All tags match and are closed out properly per the related Online Help article.
If the file format is correct, confirm that Preferences.tps file is encoded as UTF-8 text and "curly" or "smart" quotes are not used.

If there is no error messaging regarding the encoding or quotes, note that some formatting issues, such as use of type="regular" instead of type = "regular" (note the spaces) will not result in an error message, but will still result in the custom color palette not loading.

Additionally, please ensure that Tableau Desktop is looking at the appropriate location of the My Repository Folder where the custom Preference.tps file is saved. To do so, see Changing the my Tableau Repository Location in the Tableau Knowledge Base.


There are issues with the Preferences.tps file or Tableau is not looking at the current location of the custom Preferences.tps file in the My Tableau Repository folder.
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