CSV Format Is Different Between Export Data From Tableau Desktop and Download From Tableau Cloud

Published: 16 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Character encoding, delimiter, and line feed code are different as below when exporting data from the View Data window of Tableau Desktop to CSV and downloading Crosstab in CSV format from Tableau Cloud.
  • Tableau Desktop
    • Character Encoding:  UTF-8
    • Delimiter: Comma
    • Line Feed Code: CR+LF
  • Tableau Cloud
    • Character Encoding: UTF-16.
    • Delimiter: Tab
    • Line Feed Code: LF


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud


The possible workaround is converting a CSV file to the desired format after exporting or downloading by a text editor.



The ability to change character encoding, delimiter and line feed code when exporting or downloading data to CSV is not built in a product currently.
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