Cross Database Join Not Refreshing In Tableau Bridge

Published: 18 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


When you use the Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) to refresh a data source based on a cross database join that includes any data source that uses OAuth (such as Salesforce or Google Sheets), refresh fails. Additionally, the following error may occur:

The Tableau Cloud sync application failed to create the data source connection. Verify configuration settings and credentials.


  • Tableau Cloud 
  • Tableau Bridge (formerly Sync Client)
  • Cross-database join between an on-premise data source and a data source using OAuth (such as Salesforce or Google Sheets)


Use one of the following workarounds:
  • ​Use blending instead of cross-database joins. Publishing the data sources separately allows for each to be refreshed individually by the method most suited for that data source.
  • Manually refresh the data source in Tableau Desktop at regular intervals.
  • Move the on-premises data source to the cloud. When both databases are in the cloud, then the cross-database join can be refreshed with the Tableau Cloud UI instead of Tableau Bridge (Sync Client).


At this time, Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) does not have the ability to refresh data sources that connect using OAuth credentials, so any data source connection that includes a data source using OAuth will fail to refresh, when scheduled through Tableau Bridge (Sync Client).
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