Creating a Date Range Filter Using Parameters

Published: 15 May 2015
Last Modified Date: 30 Oct 2018


How to make a date range filter using parameters, so that the unit (year, quarter, month) can be used in other calculations. 


Tableau Desktop


Parameter 1: string values describing time period - value should be in lower case (year, quarter, month, week, day)
Parameter 2: integer range for lowest unit (1 year's worth of weeks = 52)
Calculation Filter: [Date] >= DATEADD([Parameter 1], -[Parameter 2], TODAY()) -> place on filter shelf and set to True
Example of how to call the Parameter unit into a string describing the filter:

New Date Range Calc: 'Last ' + STR([Parameter 2]) + ' ' + STR([Parameter 1]) + 's'
-> will display as "Last 2 quarters" if [Parameter 1] set to quarter and [Parameter 2] set to 2


There is currently no feature for calling the unit of measurement in the Date Range Filter in other calculations, or for customizing how the Date Range Filter is displayed.
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