Create Workbook Option Unavailable on Tableau Server Data Sources Page

Published: 28 May 2014
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2019


When viewing a connection to a cube data source in Tableau Server, the New Workbook option might be unavailable.


Tableau Server


Option 1:

Use Tableau Desktop to create a new workbook using the published data source.

Option 2: 

  1. Create a blank "stub" workbook containing only the published data source. 
  2. Publish the "stub" workbook to Tableau Server with Save permissions denied on the workbook and project and Save As permissions allowed on the workbook. 
    Note: If you allow save permissions on the project, users may "Save As" with the same name and overwrite the stub workbook. 
  3. Users can then web edit that workbook and "Save As" to their preferred project. 


The ability to connect to cube data sources in web editing is not currently available in Tableau Server.
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