[Create Combined Set] Option Is Not Displayed in the Tableau Desktop

Published: 07 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 07 Apr 2023


After creating 2 sets in Tableau Desktop. the option [Create Combined Set] does not appear in the context menu. How can I make a combined set?
For example, there is no [Create Combined Set] option like the image below.
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Please consider the below workarounds.

Option 1
Make sets from the same dimension/measure and then try to make a combined set.

Option 2
If you have to create sets from two different dimensions/measures, please consider using the 2 sets at the same time in the view. e,g, adding the 2 sets in [Filter]
The view is controlled from the "IN/OUT" selection for Set A and Set B.

1. Shared members in both sets: Set A (IN) + Set B (IN)
2. "Set A" except Shared Members: Set A (IN) + Set B (OUT)
3. "Set B" except Shared Members: Set A (OUT) + Set B (IN)

The range is like the image below.
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This is by design if you have created sets from two different dimensions/measures. 
Only if both sets are from the same dimension/measure then the [Create Combined Set] option shows up and you can make a combined set.

In the image below, there are 2 sets created from the [Sub-category] dimension, then the [Create Combined Set] option automatically appears.
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