Corrupted PDF Files Created Using tabcmd

Published: 15 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 26 Feb 2018


When using tabcmd export or tabcmd get to create PDF reports, corrupted PDF files might be generated.


Tableau Server


Option 1

Execute tabcmd logout and then the command to generate the PDF file: Tableau Server will automatically prompt to login using the last username used.

Option 2

If using tabcmd get add “.pdf” in the URL and do not include any hash tag (#), number and "?:iid=<n>" at the end of the URL. For more information about how to specify a view or workbook to get, see tabcmd get url in Tableau Help.
For example: tabcmd get "/views/Wow/SummaryReports.pdf" -f "progressReport.pdf"

Option 3

If using tabcmd export use a syntax similar to the following example : tabcmd export "/views/Wow/SummaryReports" --pdf -f "progressReport.pdf"
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