Content Migration Tool Plan Fails after Selecting Both the Auto Archive and the Overwrite Plan Options

Published: 26 Sep 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When logged in with the Tableau Server Administrator privileges and running a Content Migration Tool plan that has both the Auto Archive and the Overwrite options selected, the plan fails with the errors:

Workbook permission could not be mapped to the destination...Error finding the source user with ID...Error finding the wg user with id...Error preparing workbook for archive.


  • Tableau Content Migration Tool versions including 2019.4.10, 2020.3
  • Windows 10


Possible workarounds include:

Option 1

Logged in as Tableau Server Administrator, publish any content to the target site and test running the plan again.

Option 2

Avoid the use of Archive option and instead devise a separate method for archiving, e.g., name an Archive folder to manage after the plan runs.

Option 3

Map the content to a separate owner on the target site and test running the plan again.


This is a known issue that is under investigation by Tableau development team.
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