Connections and Extract Refreshes to ODBC Data Sources on Tableau Server Fail after Trend Micro's July 2023 Update is Installed on Tableau Server Host.

Published: 06 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 27 Jul 2023


Connections and refreshes of ODBC data sources on Tableau Server may fail (intermittently or consistently) after Trend Micro's July 2023 update was installed on the Tableau Server machine. 

Error messaging depends on data source, environment, and stage on which it fails, but may include one or more of the following examples and error codes.

In Tabprotosrv or Nativeapi logs (e.g. tabprotosrv_backgrounder_1-0_<date>.txt, nativeapi_backgrounder_1-1_<Date>.txt, and similar from other processes such as Vizqlserver or Dataserver):
  • ODBCProtocolImpl::Connect: Error: Unable to connect
  • [ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
  • {"excp-error-code":"0xA73B8869","excp-source":"Configuration","excp-status-code":"INVALID_ARGUMENT"}
  • The connection to <Data Source> had a fatal error and was disconnected. Communication with the Tableau Protocol Server process was lost. Tableau Protocol Server process might be terminated, possibly due to system resource constraints or another external source
  • {"excp-error-code":"0x4DE4A036","excp-source":"NeedsClassification","excp-status-code":"UNKNOWN"}
In Java level logs (e.g. backgrounder_node1-0.log or other .log files):
  • IPC_NamedPipe::Select(WaitForMultipleObjects): Timeout. Tabprotosrv cannot start or shut down unexpectedly.
Error message for extract refreshes, or views with live connections, may appear as the following:
  • "Unable to connect to the <Data Source> "<Data Source URL>". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database."


  • Tableau Server
  • ODBC Data Sources 
  • TrendMicro Deep Security Software July 2023 update


To resolve this issue, either set exclusions for Trend Micro to not scan Tableau Server folders and files, or disable the Trend Micro Deep Security tool.

For more information on excluding Tableau Server from security tool scans, see: Improving Tableau Server Health by Suspending or Disabling Third-Party Software

In some scenarios, customers have reported that exclusions were ineffective and disabling the Trend Micro Deep Security tool allowed the connections to reliably work. For further information see the following Trend Micro articles on disabling the tool in Windows. (Note that Trend Micro is a third party product and not affiliated or partnered with Tableau.)

Customers have also reported that turning the Behavior Monitoring feature off has resolved the issue.


The July 2023 update to the Trend Micro Deep Security tool appears to be causing Tableau Server's "Tabprotosrv" process to be unable to connect to ODBC Data Source drivers.

Additional Information

Related symptoms:
  • Web authoring and attempting to connect to ODBC data sources may also fail with the same error
  • Prep Conductor, Prep Flow Authoring and Prep Minerva Service may go into an unavailable/error state after a restart
  • Tableau Desktop installed on the Tableau Server host machine might fail to launch intermittently
  • Most affected customers have reported this behavior with extract refreshes in particular, but there have also been some reports of live connections failing

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