Connection Test Fails When Editing Oracle Connection

Published: 17 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 30 Apr 2018


When attempting to edit and/or test an Oracle connection in Tableau Server, an error occurs indicating it is unable to connect to the database.


  • Tableau Server
  • Oracle


Use one of the following workarounds to modify the Oracle connection:

1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop, edit the connection details, and re-publish. 

2. Use a TNSNAMES.ORA file and enter the TNS name as the 'Server Name' with no Service name or port when connecting. Refer to Setting an Oracle Connection to Use TNSNames.ora or LDAP.ora for configuring the Tableau Server machine to utilize a TNSNAMES.ORA file.

In this scenario, simply changing the 'Server Name' in the Edit Connection Dialog from one TNS name to another should be successful, as long as both of the TNS names are configured in TNSNAMES.ORA.


This is related to known issue in Tableau Server that occurs when the Oracle connection is using service name and port rather than a TNSNAME. Tableau Server does not display a field for the service name in the Edit Data Connection dialog.
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