Connecting to Azure Blob Storage

Published: 11 Sep 2020
Last Modified Date: 12 Jan 2023


There is no native connector for files (e.g. CSV) stored in Azure Blob storage.


  • Tableau Desktop


As a possible workaround, try the following:
1. Load data from blobs in your storage account into Azure Data Explorer using an Event Grid data connection. For more information, see this Azure document

2. According to this Azure document, you can connect to Azure Data Explorer using Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server version or later. Since the Microsoft SQL Server connector in Tableau Desktop uses the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server, you may be able to connect to Azure Data Explorer by using this connector. For instructions on using the Microsoft SQL Server connector, see this Help document.  


The ability to connect directly to Azure Blob storage is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.

Additional Information

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Azure Blob storage connector for Tableau
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