Communication Error Occurred While Publishing Workbook Which Contains A Large Extract Via Vpn To Tableau Server Hosted On Aws

Published: 23 Oct 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


The following communication error occurred while publishing workbook which contains large size of extract to Tableau Server hosted on AWS environment:

"Unable to complete action
An error occurred when publishing the workbook.
A communication error (0) has occurred."


  • Tableau Server on AWS
  • Tableau Desktop on home machine
  • VPN


Try the following as a possible workaround to avoid the data packets transferring via VPN between Tableau Desktop machine which is hosted on home machine and Tableau Server on AWS.

1. Install the Tableau Desktop on the machine where Tableau Server is hosted. It's recommended to use the same version of Tableau Desktop as Tableau Server.

2. Copy the workbook to the machine hosting Tableau Server.

3. Open the workbook within the Tableau Desktop on the machine hosting Tableau Server, then publish the workbook.


Slow VPN connection.
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