Colors in View The Same or Similar When Selecting Few Options From Dimension With Many Members

Published: 19 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 27 Jul 2017


When you select a small number of options from a dimension with 100s of options, then the colors in the view may be the same or very similar to one another.


Tableau Desktop


Use INDEX() on Color on the marks card, rather than the original dimension.

The attached example workbook uses the sample data set Superstore to demonstrate the following instructions:

  1. Drag [Customer Name] from Color to Detail on the marks card
  2. Create a calculated field with a name like "Index" with a calculation similar to the following:
  3. Drag [Index] to Color on the marks card.
  4. Right-click [Index] on the marks card and select Edit Table Calculation...
  5. In the Table Calculation dialog, do the following and click the "x":
    • Select Specific Dimensions.
    • Check both Customer Name and Regions.
    • Reorder the dimensions so that Customer Name is first.
    • For At the level, select Customer Name.
  6. Click on Color on the marks card and click Edit Colors.
  7. In the Edit Colors dialog, assign colors as desired.

Additional Information

Note: The above solution will not work correctly with a continuous date field in the view as Tableau Desktop will use this date when computing INDEX().
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