CMT migration to Tableau Server fails with error "[ERR]: Error publishing data source"

Published: 27 Nov 2023
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2024


When using Tableau Content Migration Tool to migrate contents to Tableau Server, the migration fail with the following error.

[ERR]: Error publishing data source. Error publishing data source <datasource_name>
Detail: Tableau doesn't recognize the data source type ''. It might not be available in this version of Tableau, or it might be a connector plugin that's not installed on this system.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Content Migration Tool


Check if any of the connectors used in the data source are deprecated in latest Tableau Server version. Please see more details in Supported Connectors.
For example, if OneDrive connector (deprecated in the latest version) is used in the source site, you need to replace it with "OneDrive and SharePoint Online" connector on the source site before running the CMT migration if the source Tableau Server version is 2022.3 or later.

If the source Tableau Server version is older than 2022.3, the workaround is to download the workbook/data source(s) from the source site, and replace the connector with "OneDrive and SharePoint Online" using Tableau Desktop and publish them manually to the destination site without using CMT. Follow the steps in the article below.

OneDrive Connector Retired and Flows Fail to Connect or Refresh with Error "Tableau Doesn't recognize the data source type 'cloudfile:onedrive-excel-direct'"

OneDrive Connector Has Been Deprecated and "OneDrive and SharePoint Online" Connector Was Added

If it is not a deprecated connector, it may need to be configured in destination site. For example, if you are using SharePoint Lists (JDBC) connector, Configure Sharepoint Lists (JDBC) connector on Tableau Server is required for destination site before you migrate the contents.


The data source in the source site uses a connector which is not configured or not supported on the destination site.
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