Clicking in The Publish Flow Dialog Clears the Automatically Populated Saved Steps Tag

Published: 08 Oct 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Oct 2019


When selecting and publishing several steps by right clicking and selecting Save Steps as Flow > Publish to Server, the publish dialog starts off with the Saved Steps tag added to the published flow. However, if the user clicks around in the publish dialog, that tag disappears.

If the tag is not added to the published flow, that flow does not appear in the list of flows in the Insert Flow and Tableau Server part of that dialog, as the flows are filtered to ones with the Saved Steps tag.


Tableau Prep Builder 2019.3.2


This behavior is related to a known issue, ID 1012011, which is currently under investigation.

The following workaround options are available:

Option 1

You can find the flow you published by removing the tag from the Insert Flow dialog to Show All Flows.

Option 2

Or you can go to the published flow page and add the tag to Saved Steps.


This behavior is related to a known issue, ID 1012011.
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