Certain Date Formats Not Recognized by Tableau

Published: 21 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 04 Dec 2018


The following date formats are not recognized by Tableau Desktop: 
  • Month_/Year: MMM-YY
  • FY_Year: YYYY



Tableau Desktop 


Create calculated fields to convert the date formats into recognizable formats. 

Option 1: [Month_/Year]

  1. From the Dimensions pane, right-click each field, and select Change Data Type > String.
  2. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
  3. In the Calculated Field dialog, do the following:
  • For the name, type Month/Year.
  • Enter the below formula, and click OK
DATE(RIGHT([Month_/Year], 2) + "-" + LEFT([Month_/Year], 3) + "-" + "01")

Option 2: [FY_Year]

Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
In the Calculated Field dialog, do the following:
  • For Name, type Year.
  • Enter the below formula and click OK.


This issue may occur for the following reasons:
  • Tableau only recognizes certain date formats automatically. For more information, refer to Supported Date Formats article. 
  • Sometimes when connecting to an Excel data source, the column format needs to be changed to "Text" or "General" in Excel.
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