Tables Missing or Errors Received Connecting to Splunk

Published: 30 Apr 2015
Last Modified Date: 09 Oct 2020


When connecting to Splunk from Tableau Desktop, tables might not appear, or the following error may occur: 
An error occurred while communicating with data source ". Invalid username or password. [Splunk][SplunkODBC](160) Unauthorized. Invalid username or password.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Splunk


  1. Try connecting to the host using HTTPS instead of HTTP first.
  2. If HTTPS does not help, try connecting to the data source using Port 8090.


The connection does not utilize the default Splunk Management port, or the standard HTTPS: prefix was not used to connect.

Additional Information

The following error may be found in the Tableau Desktop logs:

[Splunk][SplunkODBC] (60) Unexpected response from server. Veriy the server URL. Error parsing JSON: Expect either an object or array at root

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