Cannot see any flow schedule when trying to use Linked Tasks

Published: 28 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2023


Even though the Linked Task is enabled on Tableau Server, no flow schedules are found when trying to use Linked Tasks from any flow>[New Task]>[Linked Tasks] tab.

"Not seeing your schedule? Talk to your administrator to enable the schedule for linked tasks."

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  • Tableau Server


Option 1
On Tableau Server, from [Schedules], Enable linked tasks function of the existing flow schedules by [Actions]>[Enable Linked Tasks] like below.
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Option 2
On Tableau Server, from [Schedules], create a new flow schedule and enable its linked tasks function like below.
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None of the existing flow schedules on Tableau Server has been configured for using Linked Tasks yet.
On Tableau Server, from [Schedules], you can see the "Linked tasks" column of all existing flow schedules are marked as "Not configured".
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Additional Information

Starting in Tableau Server version 2022.1, each new flow schedule on Tableau Server is configured for using Linked Tasks by default.
For those existing flow schedules created in prior versions, if you have not enabled linked tasks function for them, then you need to configure each of them to enable linked tasks function manually.
For more details, please refer to Create Schedules for Flow Tasks.
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