Cannot Remove Data Engine on Primary Node After Upgrade to 2020.4 or higher

Published: 26 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2021


After Tableau Server is upgraded to 2020.4.0 or later,  server:dataengine is added to node 1.
TSM > Configuration shows a grey checkbox for the "Data Engine" process on the primary node (node 1)
"Tableau Prep Flow Authoring" process is present

Possible other side effects include:
- When viewing a published workbook, user will intermittently get an error message about vizql
- Extract refreshes might fail intermittently 
- When viewing the Server Status page, unlicensed processes appear on server nodes that shouldn't be unlicensed
- When viewing the Settings > Licenses page, the core license assignments per machine can be incorrect



  • Multi-node Tableau Server upgraded to 2020.4.0 or newer versions.


1. Change the "Tableau Prep Flow Authoring" process count from 1 to 0 on node 1.
2. Remove the "Data Engine" process from node 1.
3. Add the "Tableau Prep Flow Authoring" process to another node that does have the "Data Engine" process.


"Tableau Prep Flow Authoring" process was introduced in version 2020.4 and it requires the "Data Engine"
The upgrade process adds the "Tableau Prep Flow Authoring" process from versions below 2020.4 and it will always add it to the primary node regardless of whether or not the primary node already has a "Data Engine" process enabled for it. 
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