Cannot Log In To Tableau Cloud Using Yubikey Authentication At IDP Side For MFA From Tableau Bridge/Tableau Desktop

Published: 09 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


Cannot log in to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server from Tableau Bridge or Tableau Desktop after setting Yubikey authentication as MFA.


  • Tableau Bridge 2021.4.2
  • Tableau Desktop 2021.4.3
  • Tableau Cloud
  • Yubikey


Option 1

Use another IdP for SAML authentication which uses WebAuthN API for Yubikey support, for example, Okta to log in to Tableau Cloud.

Option 2

Use another authentication methods, for example, TOTP authenticators, for MFA at the IdP side other than Yubikey.

Option 3

Use the authentication method Tableau with MFA to log in to Tableau Cloud.


Salesforce uses U2F API for Yubikey support. U2F API is not supported in our Tableau products.
QTWebEngine 5.15 only supports WebAuthN API which is the new standard for Yubikey auth. U2F is the old standard and Tableau does not plan on investing in making QT WebEngine work for U2F since it already supports the newer standard.

Additional Information

Chrome's legacy U2F API for interacting with security keys is deprecated. It will be disabled by default in Chrome 98.
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