Cannot Configure Incremental Refresh of Google Analytics Extract

Published: 10 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 26 Oct 2016


The option to edit a Google Analytics extract is not available (grayed out). You cannot find a way to configure an incremental extract.



Tableau Desktop


  1. Create a connection to Google Analytics.
  2. For Date Range, select Fixed Start.
  3. Select 'Date' as one of the 7 possible dimensions to include in the extract.
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  4. Leave the Data Connection pane.
  5. From a worksheet, right-click the Google Analytics extract data source and select Extract > Refresh (Incremental).
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Note: the "Refresh (Incremental)" option will not be available if the extract is not set up correctly.



  • You can edit Google Analytics extracts only if they are created using a fixed start date.
  • The 'Date' field is the dimension that Tableau uses to identify new rows for the incremental refresh.
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