Cannot Choose Installation Path for Tableau Server Using TSM

Published: 03 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 25 Mar 2019


After the following sequence of events:
1. A failed Tableau Server 2018.2 installation
2. The Tableau Server application is uninstalled through the control panel
3. All Tableau Server directories are deleted

All subsequent installation attempts will be detected as an upgrade and the user will not be able to select an installation directory.


  • Tableau Server 2018.2
  • Windows
  • TSM


Follow the steps below:
  1. Uninstall Tableau Server through the control panel.
  2. Remove the ProgramData/Tableau folder from any previous installations.
  3. Run the obliterate script. (See Running the tableau-server-obliterate script)  
  4. Reinstall Tableau Server as a "clean" install.


Uninstalling Tableau Server through the control panel and deleting associated directories is no longer sufficient to ensure a clean environment for installation.
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