Cannot Add Users after Upgrade

Published: 26 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 09 Mar 2017


After upgrading Tableau Server, new users cannot be added and the following error is received in the Tableau Server interface:

"An unexpected error occurred"



  • Tableau Server 9.1.1 using Active Directory authentication


  • Contact Tableau Technical Support and provide a screenshot of the 'tabcmd listdomains' output for Tableau Server. Please see the Related Links section for instructions on using the tabcmd utility.


Information about domains used in Tableau Server is stored in a domains table in the repository. In the event that this information becomes corrupted, adding a new user to Tableau Server is not possible due to the inability of Tableau Server to correctly identify which domain the new user is associated with.

Additional Information

  • In a working domains table, there will be a local domain with an ID of 1. If ID 1 is shown as assigned to anything other than local, this may be indicative of a problem.
  • If you are using local authentication, local will be the only domain listed. If using Active Directory (AD) for authentication, AD domains will be shown in addition to the local domain; the local domain in this case will hold only built in users, such as the Guest account. A typical Tableau Server using Active Directory with one domain would show 'tabcmd listdomains' output similar to the following:
tabcmd listdomains output

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