User Not Showing Up on Site After Adding and User Skipped on Group Sync

Published: 02 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 28 Dec 2022


When importing a specific user, it's added successfully, but when trying to search the user list for that specific site, the user does not appear. Upon trying to add the user again, it gives an error that the user already exists.

When syncing an Active Directory group containing this user, there is an error that displays as follows:
An error occurred while synchronizing Active Directory group <group name> on domain <domain name>. Try again. 0 users were skipped. Try and and see the logs for more details.


  • Tableau Server 2021.4, 2022.1, 2022.3
  • Active Directory


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Server 2022.3.1, 2022.1.9, 2021.4.13

Option 2

  1. Log in to the Tableau Server UI with a Tableau Server Administrator account.
  2. Click on Manage all sites.
  3. Go to Users and search with the username in the filter.
  4. Click on the three dots to bring up a menu of actions.
  5. Click on Site membership.
  6. Click on the Selected users are Server Administrators checkbox.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Once it is saved, select the same user.
  9. Go to the Actions drop-down menu and delete the user. 
  10. After user deletion, resync the Active Directory group containing the user or re-add the user.


This is a known issue that is resolved in the newer release of Tableau Server.
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