Cannot Access Administrative Views Even The Postgresql Driver Has Been Installed On Linux

Published: 17 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 18 Jun 2020


When accessing Administrative Views, the following error occurs even the PostgreSQL driver has been installed on Linux. 

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  • Tableau Server on Linux


Follow the below steps to (re)install the PostgreSQL driver.
  1. Make sure the described PostgreSQL driver on the Driver Download page has been download.
  2. Run "yum list installed | grep postgresql" command to verify if the described PostgreSQL driver has been installed.
    • If no described driver, run the following command to install it.
      • "sudo yum install tableau-postgresql-odbc-<version>.x86_64.rpm"
    • If the described drivers displays, run the following command to uninstall and reinstall it.
      • "sudo yum remove tableau-postgresql-odbc-<version>.x86_64"
      • "sudo yum install tableau-postgresql-odbc-<version>.x86_64.rpm"
  3. Run "tsm restart" to restart Tableau Server.


This error occurs when the PostgreSQL driver was not installed successfully.
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