Calculation Using a Hidden Field Exposed in Ask Data

Published: 05 Jun 2019
Last Modified Date: 16 Jul 2019


Hidden fields are exposed in calculations using Ask Data. 


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server
  • Ask Data


Try one of the below workaround options. 

Option 1

Disable Ask Data feature for the particular data source. See Enable Ask Data for Data Sources for more information. 

Option 2

Use Row Level Security filters. If a data source has row-level permissions, those permissions also apply to Ask Data, which won’t recognize secure values or make related statistical recommendations. See Restrict Access at the Data Row Level for more information. 

Option 3

Give the end user a Viewer role. Viewer will not be allowed to view the Ask Data feature but still view workbooks associated with the data source. See Set Users’ Site Roles for more information.


This is expected behavior. Tableau Server/Online will expose calculations within the Ask Data feature, regardless if the calculation is using a hidden field. 
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