After Replacing Data Sources, Calculated Fields Disappear or Become Invalid

Published: 21 Jan 2013
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2019


When replacing the original data source, calculated fields may disappear from the data pane or are marked invalid (displayed with a red "!").


Tableau Desktop


Scenario 1: Calculated Fields Disappear 

Try one of the following options
  1. After replacing the data source, copy and paste the calculated fields from the original data source to the new data source.
  2. Before replacing the data source, make sure all calculated fields are included in at least one worksheet.

Scenario 2: Calculated Fields Are Marked Invalid

Try one of the following options

  1. Replace Field References to the correct field. For additional information on replacing field references, see Replace Field References.
  2. Use a data source that supports all functions that are used in the calculation (extracting the data is an option).


If calculated fields have disappearred: only calculated fields that are used are transferred to the new data source to help prevent clutter.

If calculated fields are marked as invalid: there are two reasons why a calculated field can become invalid.
  1. A field from the original data sources does not exist (including but not limited to changing the name of the field) in the new data source. 
  2. The new data source does not support all functions that are used in the original data source.
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