Bridge Refresh Jobs sent to Bridge but data is not refreshed and failed with "DATASOURCE_NOT_FOUND"

Published: 13 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 14 Mar 2023


Tableau Bridge Refresh Job Failure and the following error message was found in the Bridge log 

{"ts":"2023-02-15T17:36:28.754","pid":732,"tid":"1c9c","sev":"warn","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"HTTPRequestor::DoWork::HTTPException 404 {\"error\":{\"errorId\":\"DATASOURCE_NOT_FOUND\"}}"}

{"ts":"2023-02-15T17:36:28.754","pid":732,"tid":"1c9c","sev":"info","req":"-","sess":"-","site":"-","user":"-","k":"msg","v":"Successfully parsed Http Response Error Data : {\"error\":{\"errorId\":\"DATASOURCE_NOT_FOUND\"}}"}


  • Tableau Bridge 2022.4.0
  • Private Network Datasource


Ensure that the user who is logged into Tableau Bridge has a Site Administrator Creator role, or has permissions to access the data source. 

[How to switch site role]
a. Go to Users page
b. Find the user > click '...' > click 'Site role....' > Select 'Site Administrator Creator' > Change Site Role
[How to check the permissions in Tableau Cloud]
a. Navigate to the published data source in Tableau Cloud
b. Click '...' next to the information icon > Click 'Permissions'
c. Under "Effective Permissions", search the user account and check if View, Connect permissions are given to the user. If not, please grant those permissions. 


The user who is logged into Tableau Bridge did not have permissions to access the data source. 
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