Blending Fails With Workbook Using Non-Additive Aggregates On Snowflake

Published: 04 Aug 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Workbook using non-additive aggregates fails to load on Tableau Desktop/Server 2020.3 with Snowflake data source.


  • Tableau Desktop 2020.3
  • Tableau Server 2020.3
  • Snowflake


Workaround 1
Republish workbook with a snowflake connection that has the ability to create temp tables for the non-additive aggregates within the workbook.

Workaround 2
Grant the snowflake user the ability to create temp tables.

Workaround 3
Change the workbook to not use non-additive aggregates which require temp table creation.


Calculations or fields which are non-additive aggregates may fail to load in Tableau 2020.3. These fields require temp table permissions on the primary data source.
This issue is under investigation by Tableau development team.

Additional Information

This issue may occur with the following data sources as well.
Vectorwise, MonetDB, Kognitio
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