Blank views on Tableau Server installed on a VM

Published: 28 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 29 Aug 2017


When attempting to access views on a Tableau Server, which is installed on a VM, the Tableau UI is visible but all views are blank.

        Blank Views


  • Tableau Server 9.3
  • Windows 7
  • ODBC


Re-add the vizqlserver process on Tableau Server and increase the count of cores on the VM.


After Tableau Server was installed on the VM, cores were removed from the VM. This process resulted in the vizqlserver process getting dropped from the Tableau Server configuration.

Additional Information

Since there are other possible reasons that this behavior (views are blank but UI is present) may occur, make sure that this is indeed the cause. Do the following checks:

1. Ensure that Tableau Server is installed on a VM rather than a physical machine.
2. Check the machine specifications to confirm if any cores have been removed since the last install.
3. Check the Tableau Server configuration to see if the vizqlserver process is missing.
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