Dashboard is Blank or Missing Content After Publishing to Tableau Server or Tableau Online Using Device Layouts

Published: 30 Jul 2013
Last Modified Date: 14 Jan 2021


After publishing workbook which contain device layouts to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, the dashboard or view appears blank, or different than the view appeared when viewed in Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online


  1. Open the workbook in Tableau Desktop.
  2. Verify if there are alternate layouts (Tablet, Phone, or Desktop) in addition to your Default layout.
  3. Click through all the layouts to find if there is a layout that differentiates from the default layout.
  4. Either remove or update the layout (either Tablet, Phone, or Desktop) that is different from the default view, so that it matches the default view.
  5. Re-publish the workbook over the affected workbook in order to update it and correct the issue.

As described in the below picture, the "Desktop" layout is different than the "Default" layout, and contains no content. Therefore, when it is published to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, and viewed on a Desktop machine, the view will appear blank. The Tableau Desktop view with content accidentally removed or different:

Default Layout

After clicking the Default view option, you will see the default view or dashboard in Tableau Desktop normally:

Default Layout

After the workbook is published to Tableau Server or Online, the Desktop view is the view that Tableau Serve or Tableau Online defaults to, and appears blank as a result. If the content is different in that view, it appears different or is missing content such as filters or data in Tableau Server or Tableau Online depending on which device is used to view it.


Alternate layouts can be added by mistake, or vary from the "Default" layout in Tableau Desktop. If this is the case, and you view the published workbook on that device specific to that layout, the workbook will appear different from the way it looked in Tableau Desktop when viewed in Tableau Server or Tableau Online. This only occurs if the actual content is different in that layout when compared to the default views layout of content (For example, blank or missing some views).

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