Bar Charts Overlap When DateTime Fields Are Set to "Exact Date"

Published: 19 Feb 2019
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2020


When using a DateTime field set to "Exact Date", bar charts using the "Automatic" width size overlap.


  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1

  • Use a Fixed Width size, instead of Automatic.

Option 2

  • Use a  continuous date part, such as Hour, Minute or Second instead of Exact Date.

Option 3

  1. If the bar chart size needs to update based on different date parts, which are controlled by a parameter, create a Calculated field which returns the width value to be used depending on which date part is specified.
  2. For example:
Case [Date Part parameter]
When "Hour" then .05
When "Minute" then .01
When "Second" then .001
3. Drag this field to Size on the Marks card.
4. Click the Size button and set the size to "Automatic".
5. Right-click the field and select Measure > Minimum.

For guidance, see the attached workbook.


This behavior is currently expected and by design.
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