"Bad Request" When Using tabcmd Publish with Append to Merge Data Source Extracts

Published: 04 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2019


When running tabcmd Publish with --append, the following error may appear in tabcmd logs:
"Bad request"


  • Tableau Server 10.4.0
  • Windows server
  • MySQL


Increase the vizqlserver.querylimit, the gateway timeout, and set the wgserver.session.apply_lifetime_limit to "true" by running tabcmd in the following order:
  • tabadmin stop 
  • tabadmin set gateway.timeout 6000
  • tabadmin vizqlserver.querylimit 6000 
  • tabadmin set wgserver.session.apply_lifetime_limit true
  • wgserver.session.lifetime_limit 720
  • tabadmin configure 
  • tabadmin start 



A timeout seems to occur, which prevents the publish --append command to complete.

Additional Information

The TDE logs may not show significant errors, but the dataserver logs may suggest that some sessions timeout.
  • tabadmin set wgserver.session.apply_lifetime_limit true >>> this enables session max time 
  • wgserver.session.lifetime_limit 720 >>>>this set sessions limit to 12 hours 

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