Backup validate path command fails with error "IllegalStateException' errors.configuration.backup_restore.base_filepath.relative.detail" due to set Yen Currency Symbol (¥) is used on Japanese Windows

Published: 01 Jul 2022
Last Modified Date: 04 Jul 2022


"tsm maintenance validate-backup-basefilepath" command failed with the error:

An error occurred on the server while trying to validate backup/restore base filepath permissions. This job failed due to unexpected error: 'IllegalStateException' errors.configuration.backup_restore.base_filepath.relative.detail

This occurs when you set Yen Currency Symbol (¥, ASCII code 165) into basefilepath.backuprestore instead of the backslash (\, ASCII code 92) on Japanese Environment as a backup path.


  • Tableau Server
  • Japanese Windows/OS


1. Copy the basefilepath.backuprestore value such as "E:¥backups" and paste it into the a web search page such as
2. If the Yen Currency Symbol is still displayed as ¥, not as \, then replace it as \. For this example, the correct path value should be "E:\backups".
3. Set the correct basefilepath.backuprestore value:
    tsm configuration set -k basefilepath.backuprestore -v <value>
    tsm pending-changes apply


The ¥ characert (ASCII code 165) used as a directry separator for the backup path "E:¥backups" is a platform independent character and different from the backslash \ (ASCII code 92) character, therefore the specified path was invalid and the command failed.

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