Backgrounder process is in error state after Tableau Server stopped

Published: 26 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 27 Mar 2023


One of backgrounder processes is in error state after Tableau Server stopped like below, and Tableau Server shows "Error" status.
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After starting Tableau Server, the issued backgrounder process is showing a running state like below, and Tableau Server shows "Running" status.
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​However, after stopped Tableau Server again, the issued backgrounder process is still in error state, and Tableau Server still shows "Error" status.

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Running the flow and refresh extract may fail on Tableau Server because of the failing backgrounder process.


  • Tableau Server


Check the ports used for Tableau processes with the following command. For this example, the port value of the issued backgrounder instance on node2 was 8888.
tsm topology list-ports

Option 1

Stop Tableau Server, then work with your IT team to find out which process is occupying the same port that the issued backgrounder instance uses, then stop that process or bind it to a another port that all Tableau Server processes are not using.
You can check the port list on the inode to see which ports are used by the command below.
On Windows
netstat -ano | findstr :8888
On Linux
sudo netstat -apn | grep 8888

Option 2

Change the port number of backgrounder process to avoid the conflict with another process/system with the command below.

In this example, it sets the port for the first backgrounder instance on node2:
tsm topology set-ports --node-name node2 --port-name backgrounder --instance 0 --port-value <value>
tsm pending-changes apply


The port of backgrounder instance was occupied by some other process(non Tableau Server process) and is in conflict.
Usually, 8000~9000 port range is reserved by default for dynamic mapping of Tableau processes.
So this issue also might occur on the other Tableau Server process.
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