Backgrounder Process Error Due to a Long Time of Backgrounder Periodic Restart

Published: 24 May 2019
Last Modified Date: 05 Jun 2019


Backgrounder process displayed error status for about 50 minutes, when checking server status through TSM UI and using "tsm status -v".
But all backgrounder processes restarted automatically later.

The backgrounder log showed periodic shutdowns, which occurred every 8 hours by default and lasted a very long time about 50 minutes. (Normally these periodic shutdowns will just take a few minutes.)



Tableau Server


Check the number of trusted hosts by running the following command.
tsm configuration get -k wgserver.trusted_hosts
If there are more than a hundred hosts set in trusted hosts, this could be the reason why periodic shutdown takes so long time. To shorten the backgrounder restart time, reduce the number of trusted hosts.



When backgrounder process restarts, all trusted hosts will be checked, so restart time depends on how many trusted hosts are set. The more trusted hosts are set, the more time it will take when the backgrounder process restarts. For example, if more than 300 IP addresses are set, this can lead to the backgrounder process error occurring for 50 minutes every 8 hour.
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