Azul Zulu Java and jre Versions

Published: 17 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 22 Feb 2022


Security scanning software will flag Azul Zulu as an older version of OpenJDK.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep


Make sure you are on the latest Maintenance Release for your product version, as it will contain the most up to date version of the Tableau product. To find the latest releases, go to this site.


Azul Zulu versions their OpenJDK differently then standard OpenJDK versions.  

Additional Information

Azul is the company and Zulu is the product for the 3rd party JREs that we use in Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop. There are two version numbers.
  1. One of the version numbers is the same as the rest of the Java products (for example, 11.0.13).
  2. The other version is Azul's own product version with its own build numbers. For example,
For more information, see:
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