Authentication with Active Directory Takes a Long Time on Tableau Server on Linux

Published: 12 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 20 Sep 2019


When logging in to Tableau Server installed on a Linux system, and using Active Directory ("AD") credentials, the login may take a long time when compared to an LDAP search from the same server host.


  • Tableau Server
  • Linux


To resolve this issue, work with your IT team to make one of the following network topology changes:
Option 1
  1. Lower the MTU on the Tableau Server machine so it automatically fragments packets that would have a total size greater than that of the MTU from the router.
Option 2
  1. Increase the MTU on the router and any other routers that may be passed through when going from the Tableau Server to any of the DCs.

After one of the above changes has been made, the identity store for Tableau Server can also be refined to a specific DC hostname, so that the search itself is not needed, using the --hostname argument on the identity store connection parameters.


This issue is caused by a network, domain, or other environmental setting; specifically, the Maximum Transmission Unit ("MTU") sent from Tableau Server is too large for the router in the LDAP/AD domain.

Additional Information

Use this information from RedHat's knowledge base to identify the issue: How to check supported MTU value for destination system and/or intermediate network

From the Tableau Server machine, ip addr | grep mtu can be used to check the local MTU value.

Troubleshooting LDAP Authentication by

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