Asterisks Display in Tooltips

Published: 03 May 2013
Last Modified Date: 26 Aug 2019


When hovering over a mark in a view, the tooltip shows asterisks (*) for corresponding fields.


Tableau Desktop


Option 1

Add another copy of the dimension(s) on tooltip to another place in the view, such as Details on the Marks card, or on the Rows or Columns shelf. Ensure that the dimension is not aggregated with something like MIN() or ATTR().

Option 2

Create another worksheet that lists out all dimension values and include that worksheet as a viz in tooltip. Viz in tooltip is a feature added in Tableau Desktop 10.5. For directions on how to use this feature, see Create Views in Tooltips

Option 3

Use table calculations to create a concatenated list of all dimension values. For detailed directions, see Creating a String List to Display in a Tooltip


Dimensions are added to the tooltip using the ATTR aggregation. The asterisk is actually a visual indicator of a special type of Null value that occurs when there are multiple members that apply to the mark.
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