Ask Data is in an Error State After Upgrading Tableau Server or Configuring Proxy Server

Published: 31 Jul 2019
Last Modified Date: 24 Sep 2019


After configuring a proxy server on Linux for a Tableau Server following the article Configuring Proxies For Tableau Server, the Ask Data process is in an error state after restarting Tableau Server.

This issue may also occur if a proxy was already configured, and the Tableau Server has just been upgraded to 2019.2 (and later versions).


  • Tableau Server 2019.2.0, 2019.2.1, 2019.2.2
  • Linux


Option 1

  1.  tsm stop
  2.  sudo su -l tableau
  3.  Edit the 20-proxy.conf file at .config/systemd/tableau_server.conf.d/ on every node to make sure that the no_proxy line includes both the hostnames AND IP addresses of all nodes in the cluster, and save it.
    • For example, for a 3-node cluster: no_proxy="localhost,,hostname1,hostname2,hostname3,IP1,IP2,IP3"
    • Where "hostname1" should be the actual hostname of node 1, and "IP1" should be the actual IP address of node 1, etc.
  4. Then restart the Tableau server using the following commands:

systemctl --user restart tabadmincontroller_0

systemctl --user restart appzookeeper_0

systemctl --user restart clientfileservice_0

systemctl --user restart fnplicenseservice_0

systemctl --user restart licenseservice_0

systemctl --user restart tabadminagent_0

systemctl --user restart tabsvc_0

tsm restart

In lieu of the above commands in step 4, the Linux OS may be restarted if that is acceptable.

Option 2

Follow the steps in the 10.5 product help to import proxy values to systemd: Configuring Reverse Proxies for Tableau Server


The IP addresses for each node are not present in the no_proxy line in .config/system/tableau_server.conf.d/20-proxy.conf, resulting in communication being blocked between the Ask Data and Elastic Server processes.

Additional Information

Beginning with Tableau Server 2019.2, including the IP address for each node in the no_proxy line is required due to product changes.

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